Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Fun in Prague (1)

Prague is full of cobbled streets and magnificent buildings. I loved the river with its many bridges, including the Charles Bridge. Here are some of my favourite sights.

This is the River Vltava.
You can just see Prague Castle (pointy towers) in the background.

Old Town Bridge Tower leading onto Charles Bridge.
Did you know Heath Ledger rode over this bridge in A Knight's Tale?

Posing on Charles Bridge.
It was very, very busy with LOTS of tourists and street vendors.
We even saw a lady modelling a wedding dress (but we didn't get a photo).

Herself wanted to climb Little Quarter Bridge Tower for the view.
We were happy to be carried up in the rucksack.
Herself made an excuse for a breather halfway up by taking this photo of us.

The view from the top.

View from the other side.

We made a stern-looking security policeman chuckle when he checked the bags
before allowing us into the castle area.
I was hiding in Herself's handbag. But Fred was in Himself's rucksack:
'Big tough Englishman takes teddy bear to Prague'.

I just liked this building.

St Vitus's Cathedral. Woo!

St George's Basilica
(I feel very learned, telling you the names of all these marvellous buildings.)

This was exciting: Golden Lane -
a small cobbled street of 16th century cottages.
So colourful!

This was our favourite cottage in Golden Lane.

Dozing in the sunshine. This lap was made for us.

Having fun (and drinks) in Starbucks.

Thursday, 26 July 2018

Prague: The Flight

The latest excitement has been a holiday to the Czech Republic. Herself packed her oldest furry friend Fred and me into her case and we jetted off to Prague. We had a marvellous time and here some piccies to prove it.

Here we go.

Checking safety. Very important.
The exits are here, here and here....

Bye bye England!

Only Very Important bears get an audience with the captain.
(Bet Paddington has never had a selfie with a pilot.)

The food's not half bad.

Check out that view.

Extol Inn Hotel: our suite is on the second floor.

We've arrived! And ready to take in the sights.

Saturday, 14 July 2018


There was talk on Twitter about Paddington going without his duffel during the heatwave. I don't know if he discarded it or not in the end but I've been pretty warm with just my fur on.

Herself dusted off Amadeus the green lion from the shelf and we've been getting up to all sorts of things. We made a new friend, Puccini, who arrived from Tesco a few days ago. They say the best things come in small packages - Puccini can turn somersaults (with a little help from Herself) and his head lights up.

Here are my recent highlights:

'Helping' (ahem, playing) with the duster.

Look what arrived in the post! Yum.

Watching the final of TaskMaster with Amadeus.

Scamper and Amadeus the Pyromaniacs. 

Aaaand relax.

The swans are coming! 

Playing hide and seek.

Can you see me?

Enjoying a McFlurry with Herself.

All ready for the semi-final....

Come on England!
Blowing bubbles with Amadeus and Puccini.

In a tree. Just because.

Monday, 25 June 2018


This is the best adventure so far! Herself took me to Scargill. I made lovely new friends and even learned a skill (see below). I am a bear of hidden talents.

I'm still learning about selfies.
You can just see Scargill House (a bit wonky) in the background.
Chocolate on big squishy pillows!

Room with a view.
Posing with my two new friends in the walled garden.
Love auntie Fiona and auntie Helen.

Saturday's adventure was a beautiful walk in the Dales:

Scamper the Explorer!
With Snowy, Creamy and Chocolate.
Like Herself, I'm curious to see what's off the beaten track.
So we climbed a wall to see what was on the other side....

The view was worth the climb.

Scamper the Explorer finds a rabbit hole!
(Herself wondered if it was a mole hill (there were lots around) until she realised,
in my excitement, I'd sat on a pile of rabbit droppings....)

King of the castle.

Do I like butter?

Just 'resting my eyes' before the long climb down.

Sunday's adventure was learning a new skill with auntie Cathy:

Manoeuvring a needle is tricky with paws.
But auntie Cathy was very patient.

Ta da!

Bye bye Scargill.

Saturday, 16 June 2018


It's been a funny old week.... After the fun of Monsal Head I didn't expect to end up in hospital two days later. It was quite exciting though in its own way.

I was a poorly bear so Himself took us to hospital.

Sucking my thumb helped while the nurses checked my heart beat.
Having my blood pressure taken was fun.
A few times the cuff pinged off (I don't think that's meant to happen). 

This isn't Herself force-feeding me.
The doctor thought I might feel better if I could blow into a syringe.
I blew till my cheeks went red, but it didn't make me feel better.

This contraption on my paw measured how much oxygen was in my blood.

I took a book to while away the time in A&E.

I had to stay in overnight.
Herself was allowed to stay with me and we snuggled up together.
I'm glad she was there.

Sometimes I felt a bit worried and sucked my thumb.
But the doctors and nurses took good care of me.

Here I am back home, feeling much better.