Wednesday 21 July 2021

A Final Adventure


Saying goodbye to my friends

Here I am getting ready for my final adventure and saying goodbye to all of my friends. Herself had not been well for a long time and was in hospital where she passed away. I was an upset little bear, though comforted knowing she was no longer in any pain.

I'd known her for a long time, since she was a little girl. At night she used to hide me sometimes, then I would come out of my hiding place to be with her. A few years ago, I started going with her on adventures and it was really good fun.

I am sad that she was poorly and am ready to go on my final journey with her.

Monday 25 January 2021

Lots of Snow!

 Herself loves the snow and so do I. Yesterday I had a chance to use my new sledge and play with my unicorn friends. We've had a marvellous time.

Excited to be off for our snowy walk.

Just look how deep the snow is! 
So busy having fun that I left my scarf in the bottom of Herself's handbag.

Double thumbs up for all the marvellous snow.

After my snowy walk with Herself, we went back home and I played with my unicorn friends in the garden.

Steffi and Toff prefer sunshine to snow so they stayed home.

Here we all are. Isn't it deep?!
Pup, me, Chrissy, Little Unicorn and Big Unicorn.

The unicorns loved it.

Oh what fun it is to ride in a [two unicorn] open sleigh, hey!

Definition of happiness: Scamper in snow.

Thursday 21 January 2021

COVID Vaccine

 Herself is classed as Clinically Extremely Vulnerable so we were very excited that she got her first COVID vaccination this morning. The streamlined, efficient service was marvellous and the staff were all friendly and helpful.

Arriving at the centre, mask at the ready.
(This is our favourite mask because it has unicorns embroidered on it, 
a gift from Auntie Adrianne in Australia.)

We read this information leaflet while
waiting for 15 minutes after the jab to make sure
we didn't turn purple and burst or anything.

Thumbs up from me for the Pfizer vaccine.

Posing at home with the card proving we've had the 
first half of the vaccine.

Thursday 31 December 2020

Christmas 2020

 I hope if you're reading this that you had a marvellous Christmas. I had lots of fun and presents and some new friends came to stay. Plus Herself and I have been out for frosty walks every day. I'm hoping for snow now so that I can make full use of my favourite present.

I love my sleigh, made by Herself, and my
sleigh bells and luxury purple robe courtesy of Auntie Cathy.

Me and my new friends.
L to R:
Steffi on Big Unicorn, Toff on Little Unicorn, me,
Chrissy and Pup.

Pup, me and Chrissy watching The Great British Sewing Bee.

Working off some of our Christmas calories by having a race.
No idea how come Pup is in the lead!

Stocking up on the calories we just lost in the race.
Delicious cake made by Aunt Sally (nothing to do with Wurzel Gummidge).

All set for the sales.

Oooh, so long since I've been in a shopping mall with Herself. 
We came early to avoid the crowds.

Loving the decorations.
(Can you see me?)

I love shopping!

Enjoying cuddles with Herself in her cosy new M&S jumper.

Happy New Year!

Tuesday 22 December 2020

My New Bed

 Auntie Cathy has been very kindly sending gifts to me during the summer. It has been fun getting parcels through the door with my name on. My favourite is a comfy bed so I can sleep beside Herself on the bedside cabinet, all warm and snug.

A parcel with my name on it!

It's a thumbs up for my marvellous yellow pencil.

Oooh, an exciting package.

What's in here?

It's furry!

Snug as a bear in fur.

Monday 20 July 2020

Gift in the Post

Herself hasn't been well in the last few months and has received several parcels through the post. Himself and I look on jealously as she opens all sorts of exciting gifts from friends.

You will never guess what. Today it was my turn. Auntie Cathy (who taught me how to embroider and made Herself a superhero cape to match mine) sent me a gift. Me!

Oooh, what's in here?

A whole lot of small-bear-sized umbrellas -
and a card from Auntie Cathy!

A gift for me...

...and I love it.
(This gets the double thumbs up from me.)

Thursday 9 April 2020

Under Lockdown

Herself is a little sad that she has now joined the 1.5+ million people who need to self-isolate and stay shielded during this horrible coronavirus. She would love to go for a long walk in the countryside - and I miss going with her.

But we can still enjoy mooching round the garden together and looking at the daisies.