Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Prague: Food, Drink, Scamper-size Trains

Here's the last of my adventures in the city of a hundred spires. Enjoy.

Posing in the Palace Gardens.

Just look at that view.

Blending in...

The Palace Gardens were marvellous.
Lots of steps to climb up and down... on a hot day.
Almost felt sorry for Herself. Almost but not quite.

Vytopna Restaurant in the Palladium had a Scamper-sized train.
Can you see me the platform?

Here I am, waiting to catch the train.

The train delivers drinks to customers at the tables.

Can you see the cans in carriages?

Taking a cheeky train ride.

This is what arrived for me in the train. Slurp.

Here we are in Petrin Park.
It's on a very steep hill and it was a hot day...
We just had to climb this tree for a breather.

Tucking into chocolate cake at the summit of Petrin Park.

Enjoying fresh lemonade in Old Prague Restaurant.

This goulash soup served in bread was delicious.
My last hot chocolate in Prague.
(I loved it although it looks strange having the cream separate - it was like hot chocolate soup.

Bye bye Prague. 

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Fun in Prague (3)

More of my favourite moments with Fred and Herself (and Himself) in Prague.

Being all touristy.
Taking in the sights.

A city of bridges.

Fred in front of Dancing House, also known as Fred and Ginger House.
Fred was well-chuffed to share his name with the famous dancing duo.

Here's a better view of Fred and Ginger House.

Enjoying a hot chocolate at the top of Dancing House.
Look at all that cream! I think Herself was a bit jealous....

The view from the top of Dancing House was amazing.
See the castle in the background? One of my favourite views.

Herself had to hold Fred firmly by the scruff of his neck.
Honestly, he kept leaning so far over the edge to see the view that he nearly fell. Tut.

Some weird sculpture right at the top of Dancing House.

Walking by the Vltava (spot the castle in the background).

Cheeky Fred with Charles Bridge in the background.

I loved the old fashioned trams in Prague.

Fun times.

Fuelling up.

Thursday, 6 September 2018

Fun in Prague (2)

Here are some more of my favourite memories of Prague. I hope you have as much fun looking at the photos as Fred and I did being in them.

We found this beautifully-colourful synagogue in the Jewish Quarter.

This is a medieval Jewish cemetery. The gravestones were higgledy-piggledy;
it was very quiet and made me feel sad.

Posing (again) on Charles Bridge.
Just a couple of lads out on the town in Prague.

Look what we found!
This is Prague's narrowest street.
Only one person at a time can fit in it so there are traffic lights at each end.

Can you see the traffic light above Fred's head?
It was such fun. This is our size street!

He doesn't look impressed with us, does he?

Lunch was very welcome after a busy morning.

Yellow penguins, who knew?
(It looks like I've sprouted green antlers....)

Tree climbing!

Hiding from Herself on one of the many bridges.


Posing in front of the National Museum.

Trying to look like that bloke on the horse.
I am victorious Captain Scamper.


We were ready to collapse after our busy day sightseeing.

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Fun in Prague (1)

Prague is full of cobbled streets and magnificent buildings. I loved the river with its many bridges, including the Charles Bridge. Here are some of my favourite sights.

This is the River Vltava.
You can just see Prague Castle (pointy towers) in the background.

Old Town Bridge Tower leading onto Charles Bridge.
Did you know Heath Ledger rode over this bridge in A Knight's Tale?

Posing on Charles Bridge.
It was very, very busy with LOTS of tourists and street vendors.
We even saw a lady modelling a wedding dress (but we didn't get a photo).

Herself wanted to climb Little Quarter Bridge Tower for the view.
We were happy to be carried up in the rucksack.
Herself made an excuse for a breather halfway up by taking this photo of us.

The view from the top.

View from the other side.

We made a stern-looking security policeman chuckle when he checked the bags
before allowing us into the castle area.
I was hiding in Herself's handbag. But Fred was in Himself's rucksack:
'Big tough Englishman takes teddy bear to Prague'.

I just liked this building.

St Vitus's Cathedral. Woo!

St George's Basilica
(I feel very learned, telling you the names of all these marvellous buildings.)

This was exciting: Golden Lane -
a small cobbled street of 16th century cottages.
So colourful!

This was our favourite cottage in Golden Lane.

Dozing in the sunshine. This lap was made for us.

Having fun (and drinks) in Starbucks.